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About XPRO

Xpro Life after football
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The Team
XPRO is an organisation that has been established to assist former professional footballers of all ages post career.

The qualification for registering is simple you need only to have held a playing contract.
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XPRO provides Help, Support and Advice to the former player.

When players leave the game they face a life of uncertainty. Most are not prepared for a Life after Football. A huge adjustment has to be made by the former player and immediate family. The statistics are frightening see the samples below:
  • 4 out of 5 former players will be diagnosed with Osteoarthritis within 5 – 10 years post career.
  • 2 in 5 former players will be experiencing serious financial difficulties within 5 years of leaving the game.
  • 1 in 3 players will be divorced within the first year of leaving the game.
  • Players will find that their opportunities of employment are limited due to not having the necessary qualifications.
  • Most players do not know what they want to do after leaving the game.
  • There is no immediate income replacement. Players for a while live on savings.
  • Job prospects within the game are becoming increasingly few and far between.
XPRO can offer help and support in all of these areas. The adjustment that is required is massive.

XPRO has a number of solutions for this.
You are not alone register with XPRO today Free of Charge or call 08444 120401

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