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Xpro Life after football
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Our Services
The services are applicable to anyone who has participated in a career however short in professional sport. Our experience has proven that most professional sports people are faced with a major adjustment once their career comes to an end. 

What Happens Next?
XPRO is here to give the individual a new place to belong and a voice within sport . By being a member of XPRO you can access a range of services that will add and improve your everyday life. Registration is free by entering PROMO CODE XPR100100 and you can take advantage of the bespoke services XPRO has to offer!

The key areas of help, support and advice are:
  • Medical and Welfare Assistance (for football related conditions)
  • Legal Representation. At discounted rates.
  • Financial Education and Advice.
  • Educational and re-training opportunities.
  • Employment and Career Advice

Once registration has been completed you will be issued with your unique lifetime membership number. This will enable you to access a range of benefits that have been negotiated exclusively for XPRO Members. Call 08444 120401 for details.

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