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Xpro Life after football
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Xpro Life after football
14 Sep 2016
Employement Help and Advice
When the professional leaves or retires from the game. Many feel lost and not sure of where their destiny lies. 

Succesfull professionals who have enjoyed a long career only start to prepare for a Life after Football after they have retired.

We advocate that this in most cases is to late and that players should start to plan in order that they can replace income as soon as is possible.

Personal savings and investments in most cases are the only form of income.

Changes in pension regulation now determines that players cannot benefit from any pension arrangement until they reach the age of 55. Therefore if you are fortunate to have played until you are 35 you still have 20 years before you can benefit from your pension arrangements. So make sure your pension has been adjusted to provide for you in this event.

Our experience is that many senior sports people are to a certain extent un-employable. A life in football is the only work they know and therefore a lot of former players believe that a career in the game is the only option.

Unfortunately with more clubs being owned by foreign businessmen and the influx of foreign managers and coaches opportunities to stay in the game are all to infrequent.

In football for example the statistics of un-employed managers and coaches is staggering as the LMA will endorse.

For the younger player the dream is shattered. Education may not have been taken seriously and the standard of education of younger players leaving the game in comparison the people of similar ages is sub-standard. The courses and qualifications gained in the majority of cases are not up to the required standard and in an industry that is already over-subscribed.

XPRO has a number of solutions in this area. Our college and further education courses will lead to a number of job placements through agreements between the college and some of the largest employers in the UK.

XPRO has connections through partnership with recruitment partners offering employment opportunities with some of the leading UK employers such as Vodafone, Virgin Media Business, Jaguar Land Rover and Leading Construction Companies.

XPRO also has an agreement with one of the largest Global HR companies that will assist the individual in preparing for interviews, compiling CV’s and introduction into prospective employers in their chosen field.

For more information please contact 08444 120401 or alternatively e-mail info@xpro.org
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